Asman’s 3 Hot Takes

1. Alex Rodriguez continues to be Alex Rodriguez: I was at work and trying to follow along on my phone with what the Yankees were up to as they had a spring training game against the Phillies that was not televised. I heard that A-Rod was in the lineup so as a joke I thought to myself what incredible thing is he going to do today? Sure enough, A-Rod being A-Rod, launched a homer on the second pitch he saw this spring. At this point last year many fans didn’t even want the guy on the roster and wanted the Yankees to eat the more than 60 million dollars remaining on his contact. One year later, A-Rod is embraced by Yankees fans proving time and time again that if you perform and handle yourself the right way with the media, the fans will find away to give you a second chance. In A-Rod’s case 3rd and 4th chances. The Yankees would not have been in the postseason last year if it was not for Rodriguez and now they are going to be relying on the soon to be 41 year old slugger to be a force in the middle of the lineup again in 2016. What a difference a year makes.

2. The Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick need to make a deal: While a lot of Jets fans on Twitter are pretending that the Jets could survive Ryan Fitzpatrick leaving the team in free agency, I am not one of those Jets fans. Say whatever you want about Fitzpatrick but he was outstanding last season for the Jets and gives the team stability at the most important position in sports. While I am some what skeptical if his 2015 was a bit of an aberration, I do believe that he gives the Jets the best chance to win. I don’t think throwing 31 touchdowns is by accident. I watched Fitzpatrick make clutch throws and develop unbelievable chemistry with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. I saw a QB excel with playmakers around him in a system he knows like the back of his hand. Winning 10 games in the NFL was by no accident and I believe the Jets can be a playoff team under Fitzpatrick. The alternative options out there just aren’t good enough. Colin Kaepernick is too expensive and risky, RG3 hasn’t played in almost two seasons, and I don’t think I need to tell to Jets fans about Geno Smith. Some fans will say that the Jets should not break the bank for Fitzpatrick and I would agree with that. However, the reality of the situation is that playing QB in the NFL means that you are going to be overpaid. For example, Sam Bradford is 25-37-1 as a starter but after the completion of his new two year deal with the Eagles, he will have made more than 114 million dollars in 9 NFL seasons. Absurd. I trust Mike Maccagnan’s judgement and believe that when push comes to shove Fitzpatrick wants to be back in New York. The two sides are going to have to come to an agreement and it is on Maccagnan to make sure that whatever the deal ends up being it does not hamper the Jets plans for the future.


3. Golden State is unstoppable: This one is rather obvious to many but I find it nearly impossible to see any team in the NBA beating the Warriors in a playoff series 4/7 times. Simply put, Golden State just does not lose games. On night’s when Steph Curry has an off game, Klay Thompson or Draymond Green can elevate their play and vise versa. The Warriors are so loaded up and down their roster that somebody is always going to be able to pick up the slack for somebody else. As a Knicks fan, watching the Warriors makes you realize just how far away the Knicks are from even competing for a championship - let alone actually winning one. How is this for a crazy stat? Golden State has won 55 games this season alone, while the Knicks have won only 79 games in the last 3 seasons combined. At this point I would almost be surprised if Golden State doesn’t break the ’95-’96 Bulls record.